WIDE[er] Anti-Fragile Floss Band


Note: This is for a single 7 foot long floss band. Two can be purchased here.

Introducing the widest, thickest floss band you will find on the market today. Our "WIDE[er] Anti-Fragile" band is 4" wide, 1.5mm thick, and 7 feet long. 

Use our WIDE[er] band around the knees or other joints when maximum compression is required, and a regular 2" wide band simply does not cover enough surface to be effective. 

Our band can be an essential performance tool in your gym bag. For athletes and practitioners looking to restore range of motion, proper joint mechanics, or simply aid in the recovery of injuries - the Anti-Fragile band is a proven method by which all these things can be accomplished. The use of this band goes hand-in-hand with our KMS philosophy - that is of correction under and via movement. You can use these bands while performing movements, and in fact we recommend this method of use. 

Specifications (each individual band):

  • Length: about 7'
  • Width: 4"
  • Thicker than standard floss bands by 50%
  • Material: Natural Latex Rubber
  • Max Stretch: 150% of length

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  • Can you please explain the difference between these and the knee wraps, not familiar with flossing

    These bands are for providing a light compression and/or doing soft tissue mobilizations, unlike knee wraps which are meant to provide added support during lifting. 

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