The MyoRök is our latest IASTM Tool, designed with clinical input and made of a high strength stainless steel, laser cut and polished to a perfect edge finish.


You may notice that the MyoRök's 2.25 pound weight is heavier than similar tools - this increased mass allows for improved edge control and less strain on the wrist.


The tool features multiple internal and external radii, a micro-fascial point, and a beautiful polished double bevel. It's edge is finished to a perfect .060" radius.


Another unique feature and industry first of the MyoRök is it's ability to mount to the ShoulderRök for further self-use applications - especially useful for individuals with limited mobility.


NEW: Each MyoRök comes with a custom embroidered carrying sleeve for protection and convenience.



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  • What is the handle attached to the Myoroc in the video.

    They MyoRok was designed to fit on the end of the ShouldeRok, so the two tools could work in conjunction with each other.  It can perform as a weight on the ShouldeRok, as well as being an IASTM tool.  There is a picture of a MyoRok on the ShouldeRok on the product page, as well.

  • What lotion or oil do you recommend to use with this?

    That is completely up to the practitioner's discretion.  Kabuki Team Therapist and Coach Kyle Young doesn't use any lubricant while performing body work with the MyoRok.

  • Is the Shoulderok included with purchase of this product?

    No, this is a standalone product. Both the standard Shoulderok and Tactical Shoulderok can be used together with the MyoRok.

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