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Virtual Coaching - Weekly

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What Is Virtual Coaching?

This is our flagship and most popular Virtual Coaching service. Weekly Virtual Coaching includes comprehensive assessment and engagement to promote the best possible coach/athlete relationship. Our team has spent years building systems and processes to help optimize and provide the best possible feedback and direction forward week to week using various methods of autoregulation, frequent feedback, and video analysis. We view this coaching as a long-term athletic development process, not just a 12-week program to peak you for a meet. This means we’re devoted to the holistic picture of helping you to improve in the direction of your specific goals and approaching them from all possible angles to help you to the greatest degree possible.

Something that sets us apart from other coaching services is that we are exactly that, a coaching service. This is not a template or even just an individual program. Our goal is long-term development of the individual and we try to cover all the bases for that as it relates to training. In addition to receiving an updated training program weekly, you will also be given a movement plan at the beginning and as needed later which gives technical cues to work on based on video analysis, and corrective drills to begin to address faults in technique. This helps us ensure we’re developing movement quality in conjunction with other athletic qualities to help optimize not only your performance but also longevity.

Remote coaching has some unique obstacles not present during tradition in-person coaching. Most challenges revolve around communication which is why we’ve created systems to manage multiple communicatory paths. We combine the objective information provided in your training log with the subjective information provided in your weekly check-ins to decide what needs updated and ultimately to determine how effective the training is. Ultimately, once you become part of the Kabuki Strength Team you become the most important person to us. Your goals become our goals and we only have your best interest in mind.

Who Is This Service Good For?

While we primarily work with strength athletes (powerlifters, weightlifters, strongman, etc.) this is a service that has benefitted individuals from all walks of life. Whether you’re looking to set a new world record or just looking to be able to pick things up pain-free and continue to train and lead a healthy lifestyle, we are here to help you reach those goals. The hands-on nature of this service makes it well suited for anyone and everyone looking to live better through strength.

What’s Included?

  • Data-driven individualized training plan made only for you
  • Movement plan to assess and correct technique
  • Unlimited email and Skype communication
  • Weekly check-ins and updates to your program
  • Access to our private Facebook community
  • Free access to
  • Your own Virtual Coaching dashboard


Ask a Question
  • How long does this subscription last. I didn’t see the amount of time listed in the description.

    For specific questions regarding coaching, please contact our Head Coach 

  • the cost of the monthly coaching, does that cover the velocity device you guys use? or do you have to buy that seperate. if it is seperate, would I get it from you guys or have to get it on my own from squats and sciences because I know they are never in stock. what is the total cost for the monthly coaching and device?

    A VBT device is not included with our coaching service, and the client is responsible in acquiring on their own if they want to incorporate VBT into their training. You can email "" to ask if we have any available for sale currently. 

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