The Columbia Power Bar

Blemish Zinc Bars Ship in: 2-3 days

 Bare Steel Bars Ship in: 1 Week

 Zinc Bars Ship in: 4-6 Weeks



This Power Bar packs a premium punch. Introducing the Columbia Bar, the first installment in our new “Northwest” barbell series.

Named after the powerful Columbia River, a waterway that runs through the home of Kabuki's manufacturing facility, the Pacific Northwest, the Columbia Bar offers the lifter the smooth performance and superior barbell quality Kabuki is known for punctuated by the satisfying in-hand feel of a slightly narrower, 28.5MM shaft. The combination of this narrower diameter with the exact same knurling we use in the production of our 250K Power Bar makes the Columbia Bar a premium pick for any movement performed with a straight barbell.  

Designed to be a durable, high-quality, high-performance barbell, the Columbia Bar is the perfect pick for home gyms and training facilities alike. 


Watch a brief video diving into the design of the Columbia Bar:



Great Value, Greater Performance

When we set out to create the Columbia Bar, we wanted to craft a high-quality barbell that would last decades and deliver a premium training experience. The Columbia Bar's oil-impregnated bronze bushings will keep this bar's sleeves spinning smoothly, while our propriety knurl offers the perfect level of aggressiveness for a variety of movements. The Columbia's smaller diameter coupled with our precision-engineered knurl makes for a significantly satisfying in-hand feel whether this bar is being used for pressing, pulling, or a serious squat session. 

What Makes Our Knurling Different? 

The Columbia Bar features the same knurling as our 250K New Generation Power Bar. Our proprietary knurl boasts a high number of points to maximize surface area contact with the palm. This feature combined with each point's "volcano" shape result in a bar that will grip, not tear, the lifter's skin. Our knurling is the major reason Kabuki's bars have set the standard for quality in the highly competitive barbell industry.  

Bar Features

    • Proprietary Kabuki Strength Power Bar knurling
    • Manufactured in the Pacific Northwest in Portland, OR
    • Center knurl
    • 28.5MM diameter
    • 190,000 PSI tensile strength
    • Oil-impregnated bushing
    • Weight: 44 lbs
    • Finish options: bare steel, red cerakote center with black oxide sleeves, black oxide center with black oxide sleeves
    • Comes with a 5-year warranty against any manufacturing defect


Finish Options and Barbell Care

Bare Steel - The polished beauty of bare steel offers a knurl-showcasing, tactile quality that many lifters love. This finish requires a small amount of regular care to keep the bar in good condition. We recommend you apply a small amount of 3-in-1 oil with a soft cloth the barbell's clean, dry shaft and sleeves three times a year to help protect the bar from corrosion. Additionally, care should be taken to keep the bar protected from damp conditions. Horizontal or vertical bar storage is recommended to keep the bar off the floor. 


Black Oxide - The onyx sheen of black oxide is an attractive addition to any barbell roster. This finish requires the same upkeep protocol as we recommend for Bare Steel--apply a light application of 3-in-1 oil with a soft cloth to the bar 3 times a year and take care to keep it protected from damp or humid conditions. 

Red Cerakote - Cerakote is a ceramic based coating, originally used in the firearms industry for its excellent corrosion resistance and wear characteristics without excessive coating buildup. Cerakote is known for being a highly protective finish that stands up to the elements well. When cleaning chalk from the knurl on a cerakote bar, be sure to use a stiff nylon bristle brush, not a wire-bristled brush. 



Looking to step up your barbell care game? Add the Barbell Rescue brush to your order and protect your investment!


Ask a Question
  • Any chance the Columbia bar will come in bright nickel? I am happy to pre order if the price is reasonable

    We apologize, but we are not manufacturing any new nickel product at this time.  Most nickel is sourced out of Russia.  Due to sanctions and the current situation on that side of the world, that product is unable to be accessed.  Other nickel suppliers are experiencing increased demand, which has driven the price up 3x what it was last year.  Therefore, we do not expect to be able to release new nickel products until this situation changes.  We apologize for any inconvenience.