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1 Week Free Trial


  • $27/mo Monthly subscription
  • $270/yr Yearly Subscription ($22.50/mo)


Ever wonder what it would feel like to train at Kabuki Strength Lab?


Get exclusive access to Kabuki's coaches, methods, and foundational principles of movement.


We've only offered this type of access to our 1-on-1 coaching clients... until now!


Now, you can get instant access to Kabuki's training, our staff, and your new teammates.


Our Team, Strong and Mobile, was created to give you a clear path toward gaining strength that you've never been able to unleash in the past, but doing it in a way that's sustainable with a focus on movement proficiency AND strength.


Expect training sessions 4-5 days per week, loaded with movement prep and strength work designed to get you strong with long term health and development in mind.


Whether you are a seasoned lifter or a total beginner, the training can be modified based on your equipment, availability, and skill level with the help of our coaches.


Your first 7 days are absolutely FREE and your new Kabuki community and pro strength coaches are waiting to welcome you on the journey towards strength and movement mastery.


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