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The Kyübell

Ships in: 12-14 Weeks

The Kyūbell (pronounced Q-bell) was developed in partnership with HAVAK designs as a variable load handheld training device and multi-function handheld training system. The inspiration behind this device was to provide a tool that could offer versatility to commonly loaded exercises. The unique ability of the Kyubell to target different segments of a force curve allows users make some exercises more or less challenging depending on the chosen position. Changing load on the fly allows users to fully exhaust a challenging load position and then move to a more accommodating load position to enhance the metabolic or hypertrophic training effect. New loading positions also provide a fresh perspective on traditional DB exercises.



  • New orders ship in: 12-14 weeks
  • For financing, select Klarna at checkout
  • Variable-load handheld weight, multi-function training system
  • We recommend the 20lb or 30lb pair as a starting point
  • Fresh takes on traditional dumbbell exercises
  • Long Lever, Center Mass, and Rack positions
  • Simple visual instructions on each Kyūbell
  • 10lb - 50lbs sold in pairs or individually (select from dropdown)


Understanding the KyuBell with the Mad Scientist 

Watch this in-depth educational video on all things KyuBell and KyuBell mechanics with our co-founder and Chief Visionary Chris Duffin and coach Brandon Morgan.



Kyubell Basics

In this video, Chris talks some of the foundational concepts and elements that make the Kyubells unique in the handheld weight world, how and why they work, and the value they can add to your training.


Differences between a Kyubell and Dumbbell

Both a dumbbell and Kyūbell are simple versions of a handheld weight. Dumbbells offer a scalability of load in many different exercises. Kyūbells offer scalability of load like a dumbbell but they also allow users to target different force curves within common movements. Manipulation of how force is applied to a muscle is one of the many applications of the Kyūbells.


Understanding the different positions


Manipulation of force is the #1 goal of any resistance training implement. Force is a vector quantity that has both a magnitude and direction. Force is a non-linear expression that results during push and pull movements. The number one way to influence force output in resistance training is through progressive loading. The second way to influence force output is the position of an implement relative to the lever arm (we often refer to this as changing the mechanical loading of an exercise). Kyūbells can both influence force through progressive loading but also through changing position in common exercises.



The center mass position is the most stable of the various positions. Due to the stability of the center mass it is the position that can be loaded the heaviest (in terms of absolute load of the implement).


The rack position allows uses to target larger force curves (muscle will be under load longer) in various upper body fly exercises. Some users also feel the rack position is easier on their joints when doing pressing exercises though this is completely up to your individual biomechanics and injury history.


The long lever position is the most demanding from a mechanical loading perspective. While the inherent absolute load of the Kyūbell will be lighter relative to other positions, this position produces the longest lever arm in most exercises.


Understanding the different grips



The thicker handle grip (2.5") allows for increased stability while the smaller diameter handle grips (1.25" and 1.75") decrease stability. That might sound counterintuitive however, because the surface area is greater you form a better connection to the thicker handle size which reduces the tendency for the implement to rotate. Rotational force is what causes the smaller handle sizes to promote less stability. This is often why individuals feel like thicker grips feel better on their joints. 


Compactness, Versatility, Simplicity


Kyūbells are extremely well-rounded in their application for their size. Unlike a traditional dumbbell, the variable positions and grips on each Kyūbell mean a wider gamut of exercise selection and load compared to a single weight dumbbell. A single or a pair of Kyūbells are an excellent choice for the space-conscious gym user who wants maximum training effect from his limited, curated collection of strength equipment. 



Kyūbells can be stored securely on their side as well as vertically, taking up little room and looking mighty fine in the process.

Each Kyūbell features simple, easy-to-understand reference instructions on both sides. Printed on a high density polyurethane material, these guides allow a new Kyūbell user to quickly understand the core basic hand positions and grips through intuitive illustrations.



How to program and use


The Kyūbell may be one of the most versatile handheld weights on the market. However, we view the Kyūbells as another tool in your arsenal. They are intended to add variety to training and offer a new way to challenge common exercises.



This program is intended to be additive to your regular training plan. For this reason, we are not included staple primary exercises. Use this sample program as your upper body hypertrophy accessory program. For more information on how to program training with the Kyūbell, email or visit our coaching page.


Day 1 

  • Kyūbell Pec Fly in rack position 3-5 sets of 10-15 reps
  • Kyūbell Flat Chest Press in center mass position (superset with above) 3-5 sets to failure using same load
  • Kyūbell Deficit Push Ups in long lever 2-3 sets to failure 


Day 2

  • Kyūbell Tricep Skull Crusher in Long Lever 3-5 sets of 10-15 reps
  • Kyūbell Tricep Tate Press in center mass 3-5 sets to failure (superset with above) using the same load
  • Kyūbell Bicep Curl in rack position (bell on inner forearm) 4-6 sets of 8-12 reps
  • Kyūbell Hammer Curls in extended position 4-6 sets of 10-15 reps


Day 3

  • Kyūbell Arnold press in rack position 3-5 sets of 10-12 reps
  • Kyūbell rear delt flys in rack position (bell on outer forearm) 3-5 sets of 10-15 reps
  • Kyūbell side lateral raises in rack position (bell on outer forearm) 3-5 sets to failure with same load

Looking to boost your Kyūbell game? Click here to compliment your Kyūbell workout with Kyūbell K-Hooks!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write one!


Ask a Question
  • Are the Kyubells made in The USA?

    Yes, the Kyubells are made right here in Clackamas, Oregon.

  • What kind of rack would you recommend to store a full set of pairs?

    We use a kettlebell rack in The Lab to store our pairs of Kyubells.

  • Does the Kyūbell come with list of exercises to do

    It does not.  You get to pick those yourself!  However, we have listed a sample program on the product page.  Here is a link, so you can review it;

    Otherwise, we do offer full virtual coaching services here;

  • Do you know the coast of shipping to Hawaii for a pair of 20 s

    In order to obtain a shipping quote, we would need the full shipping address.  The best way to obtain that estimate is to go to our website and add the items you want to your online cart.  Then, during the check-out process, you will enter your shipping address.  At that time, all shipping options for that location will auto-populate.  You may select the best option for you, based on rate and shipping time. 

  • Hi wondering what weight does the 50lbs kyu bells cover? For ex my friend says 10lbs kyu bells feels diff on the 10lbs dbells. Hes inplemting u can get 5-20 lbs on kyu bells by manipulating the leverages.

    This is a very subjective question and, therefore, difficult to answer.  The Kyubells were designed to play with leverages and therefore take one weight and make it feel easier or more difficult, depending on the way the implement is held.  There is a reason we've not had to make Kyubells any heavier than 50lbs, due to these force vectors.  Someone that uses 30lb dumbbells for a movement, can often use 20lb Kyubells and get the same training effect, if not an increased effect.  Watching the video that Chris Duffin created for the product page will explain this a bit more in depth;

  • What is your return policy?

    Our return policy is listed at the bottom of our webpage, under Shipping and Returns.  


    Please email or use the support button below to request a return.

     Exchanges and returns are accepted within 14 days of product receipt

    • Product must be unused
    • Must include original packaging
    • Any item that is damaged or used may not be accepted or return or exchange
    • Shipping for returned item is to be paid by the customer
    • All apparel items must be returned unused and unwashed
    • Returned items are subject to a 15% restocking fee

    Order cancellations are permitted up to the point of tracking being received by the customer. Once tracking has been sent, the customer is able to return the product at their expense under the above criteria.

    • Note: There will be a 3% processing fee withheld on order cancellations that have not yet shipped
    All freight orders must be inspected before signing for receipt of order. Any damages must be noted at time of receipt before signing. Once signed for, the customer assumes all responsibility of condition of the order.
    Note: all international order items will ship together and lead times will be reflective of the longest lead time product purchased on a single order
    All sales on items sold as cosmetic blemish are final. No refunds or exchanges will be accepted.
    We are unable to offer returns on any Pioneer belts as they are custom made on a per-order basis. We can do exchanges for standard sizes.
    All seminar sales are final. Attendees who have purchased seminars may choose to transfer their registration to another date (for the same course) if they are unable to attend the original date they registered for.

  • I am a 68-year-old male in decent physical shape (5'6", 150lbs), working out with weights 3 times per week (benching 90 pounds, curling 45 barbells, active soccer referee). I would like to purchase your Kyubell unit, not sure about the 20 or 30 lbs pair set, your recommendation?

    We recommend starting at the lower weight range.  So, if you order the 20lb Kyubell, using it in the Center Mass position will feel fairly easy, the Rack position will feel a bit more difficult and the Long Lever position will feel hard after a few repetitions.

  • I usually use 25 to 35 lbs dumbbells curls and lateral shoulder rise. Do you recommend the 20lbs or 30s?

    We would recommend starting with the 20lb Kyubells and going up from there.  Depending on how you hold them, the reps will feel fairly easy using the Center Mass position, a little harder using the Rack position and difficult using the Long Lever position.

  • Hello, If I purchase the 50lbs single, am I able to lower the weight to 30? Are there plates?

    The Kyubells are not adjustable triads.

  • How are the handle diameter in the havak and the kyubell different?

    The Kyubell grips are detailed here; 

    The Triad grips are; 

    Handle size (traditional) : 1.50” OD

    Handle size (fat grip) : 2.25” OD

    Handle size (strongman) : 3.00”

  • is there a difference between the havak and the kyubell?

    Yes, there is a difference between the Kyubell and the Havak Triad.  The handle diameters are different and we use a different powdercoat on the Kyubells.  We also powdercoat the weight plates, instead of plating them with zinc.

  • What is there in the complete set?if I buy the complete set ,no need to buy the kyubells individually and in the complete set will I get the all the weights from 10 to 50 in pairs?

    In the 'complete set of pairs', you get a pair of Kyubells at each weight.  In the 'complete set of singles', you get a single Kyubell at each weight.

  • I love the concept. I want to buy a full set, but is there a rack for it? I like to keep my things nice and neat

    We do not have a specific rack for the Kyubells.

  • I am in the greater Portland area and am interested in purchasing, but hoping to save some money on the shipping price and was wondering if you have an option for local pickup?

    We do offer local pick up for many of the products in our online store.  If you have a local address, that option should auto-populate with the shipping options at check out.  If you don't see it, you can reach out to Customer Service directly at; and they can assist.  Once the items are ready, our Shipping Manager will reach out via email with a link for you to schedule a date/time to come to our manufacturing facility to collect your items.

  • Hi I live in Dubai I wanted to ask how long it will take to arrive here, what is the meaning of complete set is it adjustable?

    Currently, the Kyubells have a production lead time that is noted in the 'Highlights' section on the product page.  If you select UPS Worldwide Expedited shipping, once UPS picks up the packages, their site guarantees delivery in a week.  

    A complete set is one of each weight, between 10lb and 50lb.  A complete set of pairs is 2 of each weight, between 10lb and 50lb.  The Kyubells are not adjustable.

  • Hi. I’m after the 10, 20, 30 lb pairs when they come in. I live in Australia. What would be shipping and the total cost? Thanks in advance. Dan

    In order to obtain a shipping quote, we would need the full shipping address.  For that specific type of question, please reach out to Customer Service directly at; with your question and please include your full shipping address.  Thank you.

  • What material is the Kyubell made of?

    The Kyubell is made of steel.

  • What's the reasoning behind the different handle sizes versus the triads?

    Improvement in design based on my (Chris Duffin) two years of testing and works with the new design, as well as significant improvement in product usage, as detailed further below.  The medium handle is standard, with an upsize or downsize, based on needs.

    Additionally, these handle sizes and the texture grip we use allows the bells to be used in new ways, as detailed on the physics video on the product page.  The original triad handle/grip would not allow you to hold some of the positions for actually changing the force curve during the lift, or as many options in varying the load or mechanical drop sets.  You will notice that Havoc has begun using the same texture now on the loadable.  But the handle size and grip combination is the best in my opinion (Chris Duffin).

    We have also achieved a balanced KyuBell with our design, which includes the handle size, so that the center of mass is not offset like the original Triad’s.  No matter what handle you grab, it has the same COG.

  • What is the difference between this and the triad? Are they the same just in set weight increments and a different look? Thanks

    The grips are nicer (grippier) on the KyuBell and it comes with stickers on the end that give some direction to their use.  But yes, these are essentially the Triads.  We are now the exclusive manufacturer and seller of them.  Same weight increments.  The Kyubells are a bit 'cleaner' and a better-finished product, but the intent of use is the same.

  • I purchased a complete pair set and was wondering if you have any plans to make a dumbbell rack for them so they can be displayed in all their glory?

    Thank you for letting us know of your interest in a Kyubell rack.  We've bounced around the idea of a rack, but don't have concrete plans to create one at this time.  However, I will let the powers-that-be know of your inquiry and see what we can do in the future!

  • Will the next drop of Kyubells still have the introductory pricing? I missed out on the initial release as I had sessions all day long, not allowing me to discuss with my business partner before ordering.

    We cannot guarantee when the introductory pricing will be discontinued.  It is heavily dependent on the rising cost of steel, at this time.

  • Is it adjustable?

    No, the Kyubells are not adjustable.

  • If I buy the the 50lb can I unscrew the device to use lower weight?

    The Kyubells were not designed to be adjustable and the Loctite used during assembly may make that difficult.

  • Since Havak has an adjustable weight version, will you be in the process of creating one? Love what you guys do, being from Oregon and now living in Delaware, love seeing your growth in the industry over the years.

    At this time, we are not manufacturing the adjustable version of the triad.  However, thank you for letting us know of your interest.  You never know what may happen in the future!

  • Sold in pairs? Or single?

    Kyubells are sold as single units or in pairs. Use the dropdown option at the top of the page to select singles or pairs. We recommend purchasing a pair :)

  • HELLO Iwish to order a complete set [pair] of the Kyubell, however at checkout I'm informed that you do not ship to canada. However I have other items currently on order with you [trapbar and weights]which you do ship to Canada, and I have purchased from you in the past and you have shipped to Canada [Montreal Quebec]. e.g. Shoulderok, Myorok. Please advise thank you Maurice Goldberger

    We do ship the Kyubells to Canada.  They will ship anywhere that UPS provides service.  Since the Kyubells sold out so quickly, one of the versions of the Kyubells selected may have been out of stock, which resulted in a shipping error when you attempted to purchase.  If you have addressing error issues when they are restocked in 3-4 weeks, reach out to Customer Service directly at and they can assist.

  • I love this idea! I'm curious if there is any recommendation on a weight for someone to start with to try? This price point seems reasonable all things considered but I would love to try one first and see first hand how much I like it before going in for the full set. Is there any kind of guidance one can use to choose which weight may be best to get first? I understand this can be very subjective, just trying to see if there is an idea on this.

    We would suggest starting at a weight that is lower than you would expect.  Changing the position of the Kyubell will result in a change in the force vector, so you are able to make the exercise more and/or less challenging, as you wish.  You are correct that this can be subjective, but we do recommend starting with a 10lb or 20lb Kyubell.

  • What is a "complete set"?

    A 'complete set' means you get a single or pair at each weight.

  • Hello I'm interested oil the Kyubell.Please, what does a full set consist of?

    A 'complete set' is a single, or pair at each weight that we currently offer.