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Geisha Tempering Roller [Blemish]



  • Limited Availability.  In stock and ships in 1-2 business days.
  • This is a cosmetic blemish item for a discounted price. Possible defects include small amounts of rust, inconsistencies in the finish, or very small dings/dents. Nothing that will affect the performance of the product.
  • No further discounts can be used on blemish products.
  • This is a newly engineered, plate-loadable version of the Geisha Tempering Roller. Very limited quantities of the old, concrete-loadable version remain available.



Introducing the industry's first truly engineered, professional-grade plate-loadable tempering roller that can be shipped right to your door. Developed for use in both clinical and athletic settings, the new Geisha Roller features a CNC-machined center piece with relief for the spinous process and thick gauge steel for the body. Using standard olympic 10 pound plates and spring collars, the roller can be loaded up to 250lbs or more. Check out this introduction video with Coach Kyle:






  • 70lb Empty Weight, Affordable Shipping
  • Contoured center relief for spinous process allowing even pressure distribution through multiple angles for various tissues
  • Machined 10" sleeves fit standard olympic plates, allowing for granular control of load across athletes/clients.
  • Black, textured powder coat for durability, grip, and safety
  • Heavy Duty, Machined Construction
  • Up to 250lbs of total load using regular 10lb plates and spring collars 


Plate Loadable 


The Geisha Tempering Roller has 10" of loadable sleeve space on either side. We averaged out all the different 10lb plates in our facility and found an average thickness of 1.15". Non-spring clamp barbell collars average out to around 1.6" thickness. Assuming the average 10lb plate and non-spring collar, you should be able to fit 7x 10s per side + a collar, for a total of 140lbs of added weight on top of the 70lb empty roller for a total of 210lbs using standard collars. 
With spring clamps, you can fit 2 more 10s for a total of 9x per side and 180lbs + 70lb for 250lbs total weight.
There are thinner 10lb plates which could in theory allow you to load past 300lbs.


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