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Peak to Compete App Training

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1 Week Free Trial


  • $27/mo Monthly subscription
  • $270/yr Yearly Subscription ($22.50/mo)


Ready to test yourself and push past PR's at your next Powerlifting Competition!??


We'll unlock secrets from Kabuki's coaching staff to get you ready for your competition + give you free access to compete for Kabuki barbells and other prizes through virtual competitions hosted on the Brawn community lifting app.


No singlets needed.


No federations to join.


1,000s of athletes around the globe all training as hard as they can to get ready to compete with you for when it counts.


Whether you are a long-time competitive powerlifter or you're looking to break into the sport, you're in the right place.


Peak to Compete, was created to give you a platform, coach, and community to compete with on a daily basis so you're ready for the moment when it's here. Beyond that, you'll get access to a virtual competition platform where you can go head to head with your teammates and the public!


We created this team and training to make sure you're at your PEAK to COMPETE.


Expect training sessions 4 days per week, loaded with movement prep and strength work designed to get you ready for competition.


Are you ready to peak to compete with the Kabuki team?


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