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Tired of the generic "bro" hypertrophy program?


We've taken the best available scientific evidence for building muscle and we've created a training program that will maximize your hard work in the gym for growing muscle.


This is not a set it and forget it template from some jacked dude at the gym


When you join Hypertrophy Lab you'll gain full access to Kabuki Strength Coaches and the wealth of knowledge and experience they bring to building the best athletes in the world.


Your Kabuki Coaches will be in the grind with you each day motivating you to train harder and helping you tailor the team experience to your own needs.


When you join Hypertrophy Lab you'll never have to muster up the energy to follow the same old repetitive 3x10 program that is pervasive across pop culture of bodybuilding. Hypertrophy Lab is a progress phasic approach to hypertrophy training which allows you to narrow your focus block to block to maximize your performance.



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