Original Grand Goals Tee


A portion of profits from sales of this shirt will go to the Home Builders Foundation of Metro Portland. We encourage you to donate through their site as well.

Official #GrandGoals video of 1001.6 pound RAW with Straps Deadlift by Chris Duffin



#GrandGoals is the vision and philosophy of World Champion Strength Athlete and Coach Chris Duffin. This shirt was created in limited quantities to celebrate Chris' own personal accomplishment of Grand Goals, which was to deadlift 1000lbs. He did it not only once, but almost 3 times. 

What are your #GrandGoals?

Note: Pictured is a shirt that had the sleeves cut off to make it a tank top. Your purchase is of a tee shirt (Next Level 6210 Premium Fitted Shirt)

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  • I'm about 5' 10" and weigh a 195 pounds What size of a sure do you recommend XL or double X

    For this style I would say XL

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