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PAL - Pioneer Adjustable Lever


Lead Time: Ships within 2 weeks


THIS IS THE LEVER ONLY.  This is NOT a full belt.


The Pioneer Adjustable Level [commonly abbreviated as PAL] is a patent-pending innovation on the standard lever belt buckle that allows for granular adjustment of 1/2" spacing, allowing for much better/more efficient control and variability of belt tightness for training purposes.


This branded version of the PAL features our signature squat face laser printed onto a semi-gloss black powdercoat finish. Purchase the PAL stand-alone here or as an add-on to our signature {anti-fragile} or embossed leather belts. 


These items ship via FedEx from Pioneer's manufacturing facility in Texas.




  • 1/2″ tightness settings
  • Interchangeable with most Lever Belts
  • Alleviates the use of a Screw Driver
  • USPA Approved



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  • Hello. I have left a voicemail. Will the PAL work with a Iron Bull Strength 13mm > 4 inch wide belt ? And if ordered today, what is he absolute soonest I could get it to Sonoma, CA 95476 ? I ask, because I have the Nationals coming up in Vegas soon. Thank you for your time. Regards, Michael "Big Mike" Hughes

    I reached out to Pioneer directly and they stated the PAL should work just fine with this belt.  I think the other questions were covered in our call.  See you at USPA's Nationals in Vegas!

  • What about TUFF belts? It's a 10mm but pretty stiff.

    I contacted Pioneer and they stated that yes, the V2 should work on that type of belt.

  • Will this work with markbells lever belts

    I checked w/Pioneer directly and they answered; The PAL V2 should work with the Markbarbell, but they might not be able to close it on the tightest setting.  We shaved the opposite side of the 4 hole section to make it easier to close with our PALs. 

  • Would this work for a 13mm Inaka belt?

    I reached out directly to Pioneer for this one and here was their answer;  We are unfamiliar with that brand, but I have to assume they use the lever that most everyone else uses.  If that is the case, the hole sizes and spacings would be fine and the PAL should work.  (90% sure it will). 

    Obviously, if you order the PAL and it does not work for your belt, just let us know right away and you can return the product.

  • Will this work on the Rise 10mm lever belt?

    According to Pioneer, the PAL should work with that belt.

  • Is this the PAL gen 2?

    Yes, all PALs that are sold separately, or as a part of a belt order on our site are now all V2.

  • is this usapl approved?

    Please check the rulebook of the federation.  Approved gear lists change year to year, so it is up to athletes to stay familiar with what is currently acceptable.  I do know that the PAL lever is approved for USPA/IPL on all local and World level platforms.

  • Does this do 1/4 inch adjustments.

    Per the product page, under 'Features', the PAL adjusts by half-inch settings.

  • Will this work in a 10mm Cerberus belt?

    The PAL may need a special 'leg' piece for this particular belt.  When you order, ask for a LEG piece in the, 'Order Notes', section and this will help ensure that it will fit.

  • Will this work on a The Gymreapers 10mm Lever Belt

    Yes, but in the 'Notes' section make sure to ask for the 'added leg'.   We will alert Pioneer in their belt notes and they will send the extra part needed.

  • I failed to see that it said ship in 3 weeks, even though I paid ups 2nd day air, just want to know if the 3 weeks ship time still holds?

    Production time for a product is independent of shipping time.  The shipping time kicks in as soon as the shipping company takes possession of the item.

  • Will it fit a RAD 10mm belt?

    Unfortunately, we are unfamiliar with either of those brands.  However, many brands use the old Inzer-design lever and therefore have the same holes/spacings.  Here is what I received from Pioneer directly; The PAL works best with a STIFF 10mm and/or most 13mm lever belts. The PAL will NOT work with SBD or StrengthShop belts, along with any 6.5mm, 8.5mm, 0r 10mm double suede belts from us

  • Is it possible to order a double suede belt with the PAL?

    The PAL can be ordered as an option with any of the Pioneer/Kabuki belts we sell.  Regarding, the two suede belts we offer; the Signature Belt already comes with the PAL and the Anti-fragile Belt will have an option at check out for adding the PAL.

  • Will this work with IRON TANKS Quake 10mm belt?

    I reached out to Pioneer and they replied;  The PAL should work. They might have to retrofit the belt and PAL a little bit, but it should be fine. The only problem I see is that they might need the foot/leg piece that we do offer. If they do go ahead and order the PAL just ask in the 'order notes' for the piece to be sent out with the PAL.

  • Would this fit on a gymreaper belt?

    We reached out to Pioneer to obtain an answer to your question and they responded; We think it does but it may have to have our extra "leg" piece.

  • Do you guys give a active duty army discount?

    We absolutely have a military discount.  Military/Police/Fire & all First Responders receive a 7% discount off from most of the items in our store and the Pioneer products do apply.  All we need to create a draft invoice for you with the discount applied is a copy of your military/VA ID or DD214, a shipping address, phone number and the list of the items you would like to purchase.  You can also email directly from your military/department/agency email address as proof, if you are still active.  Please send the proof of service and order information to and she will create a draft invoice for payment.

  • Will this work with an inzer 13mm belt?

    According to Pioneer, the PAL works with 'most' 13mm belts.  However, if you receive it and it does not work with your particular belt, you can return it to us directly for a refund.

  • Will this work with an inzer or Rdx belt?

    The PAL will probably not work on the RDX, as it is a pretty pliable belt.  According to Pioneer, they have had lots of customers say Inzers are a go.  They may take a bit of retrofitting, like widening the holes, but nothing major.

  • Can I use this with the shaved leather belt?


  • does the pal work on titan 10 and 13 mm belts

    Yes, the V2 PAL will work with both Titan's 10mm and 13mm belt.

  • Does the PAL fit a 10mm inzer belt?

    The PAL does fit a 10mm Inzer belt.

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