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Anti-Fragile Lever Belt



  • Shipping Note: Belts are hand-made to order and may take up to 8 weeks to ship.
  • For exchanges or refunds please contact Kabuki Strength via email or phone, NOT Pioneer.



  • X-Small- 22″-31″
  • Small- 27″- 36″
  • Medium- 31″-40″
  • Large- 35″-44″
  • X-Large- 39″-48″
  • XX-Large- 43″-52″
  • XXX-Large- 47″-56″

 (Chart based on waist size in inches)



Introducing the first ever {anti-fragile} belt! Please select your size above! Use the sizing chart provided by Pioneer here


This belt is hand-made to order by General Leathecraft (better known as Pioneer Belts), a company known for producing some of the highest-quality leather belts on the planet. What better company to work with for our anti-fragile belt than a company that can actually produce an anti-fragile belt! 


Here are some specifications on the belt:


  • 4" belt
  • 13mm thickness
  • Black suede with black stitching
  • {anti-fragile} branding on back, squat face on front
  • Patented Lever (Optional PAL Lever)
  • A unique “Shave” design exclusive to Kabuki Strength. The “Shave” strategically tapers the thickness of the belt’s overlapping portions in order to minimize bulk and gapping at the site of the lever.⁣


Keep in mind you are not getting a generic leather belt made in china, or imported then embroidered. These are the highest quality leather belts available, made by hand right here in the USA by skilled leatherworkers and craftsmen. This is an iconic belt that will stand the test of time, both functionally and as a collectors item! 

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  • The belt I have currently is from Flexz Fitness- 10mm lever buckle...The screw for the buckle has fallen out so I am looking to replace it. Is the 13mm thickness going to be a lot different?

    The 13mm will feel stiffer and sturdier than the 10mm.

  • Hi, would I be able to get the anti-fragile squat face belt by Christmas? I live in UT. thanks,

    Yes you would.  

  • My size is a 54inch waist and I can't seem to find belts that go to this range. Other 4xl only went to 52 and 54 was not available. Apparently 54 was to the tip of the belt and not to the holes itself. Can you help me with this? I need to return to squatting and deadlifting again.

    Hey Charles,

    Per the pioneer sizing chart it looks like their 3X goes up to 56"

  • Do you have a sizing chart so I know what size of belt I need? I don't know what small, medium or large means by way of inches. Thanks!

    Here is the sizing chart provided by Pioneer:

  • Afternoon! I noticed on one of Chris's IG post he had a greenish grey belt with the Kabuki name on the outside of the belt. Is that one for sale? And if so how can I aquire one. Thxs for the time!

    That specific belt was one that was custom made for Chris by General Leathercraft. We started selling a production belt through them though that you can find here:

  • Just wondering. If i choose to upgrade to the PAL lever, will i get the V1 or V2? Thank you for your time in advance.

    All PAL's are now V2!

  • I see that 4xl is offered as a size but only show measurements for 3xl. What are the measurements for the 4xl? Thanks

    The 4XL for the would be a 51" to 60" belt size.

  • Hello, On the anti fragile lever belts. Are the logos embossed as well as being white? Or are they embroidered?

    The logos on the anti-fragile belt are embroidered.

  • Is this belt IPF approved?

    It is not, but it can be used in local level IPF-affiliate competitions, because it is within spec.

  • I just ordered the anti-fragile belt in large (ORDER NO. #34293)...I first measured 4 inches above wear I typically wear my pants (ends up being right below my belly button), then measured around my waist / body and it came out to right around 35-36 inches. I went ahead and went with the large, given I thought it would be better to error on the larger side vs. having the belt too small. With that said, I wanted to double-check with you guys to make sure I went with the right choice. Please let me know your thoughts.

    If you are right between sizes, it is usually best to order the next size up.  You made the right choice!  If you receive it and have any issues, just reach out to our Customer Service Department at and we will take care of you.

  • My waist size is 34inch, which falls between Small and Medium. Is there a recommendation on which size to go with? Is there also an option to have something else instead of {anti-fragile}?

    If you are between sizes, definitely go with the larger size - in your case, the medium.  We have two types of belts that are made for us by Pioneer - the anti-fragile and the Kabuki embossed.  We cannot personalize the belts any further.  I apologize for the inconvenience.

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