BarAux is a simple bar attachment accessory allowing for convenient and efficient use of training aids such as bands and chains. The BarAux ™ slides onto a barbell sleeve like a regular plate, and sits flush against the sleeve collar.



  • BarAux is sold as a pair (2x pieces)
  • Laser cut to a tight tolerance so that it can slide onto a standard olympic sleeve with a snug fit, preventing movement and bar damage
  • Only 1cm thick and sits flush against sleeve collar
  • A slight +10° up angle on the peg prevents bands from slipping off due to slippage and horizontal forces
  • Easily swap bands for different lifters
  • Attach chains using standard carabiner or hooks 
  • Black oxide plated for corrosion resistance


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  • If I turn them around, can I use weight on the bar at the same time as bands?

    The BarAux should be installed on the barbell before you apply plates in such a way that they are canted inward, toward the lifter.   Here is a picture; BarAux - Kabuki Strength Store

  • What is the length of the peg used to attach bands?

    The peg is roughly 3 inches long.

  • Is the price for one or a pair? Thanks

    Don't tell my Boss, but I'm giving you two at this price.  Shhhh...

  • Is this price for a pair of BarAux or a single BarAux?

    I was afraid they would be lonely by themselves, so they come as a pair.  :-)

  • Are these sold as a pair? Or individual units?

    These are sold as a pair!

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