skip ahead and get a professional analysis of your movement quality in the big 3 powerlifts

Back by popular demand and more comprehensive than ever! Kabuki Strength coaches will analyze your movement and provide a detailed technical review to help you optimize quality of movement, reduce injury risk, and improve training outcomes.

You'll receive a detailed video analysis of your lift(s) by a Kabuki coach, a warm-up plan, corrective drills, programming suggestisons, and a comprehensive plan to eliminate weakensses in your movement. BONUS: 1 Month free Kabuki_EDU+ which includes our movement library of over 200+ videos and other resources!


why specialty bars? 

learn from our coaches how utilizing purpose-built barbells can help you train safer and more efficiently

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Nearly 10 Hours of strength education

Many terms you commonly hear in serious gyms and weightrooms, terms like "breathing & bracing" or "rooting" were introduced and popularized by none other than a long legacy of Kabuki educators and coaches like Chris Duffin, Brandon Senn, Kyle Young, Casssandra Strunk, Brandon Morgan, and many more. Now for the first time you can get FREE ACCESS to some of the most valuable and important strength education fundamentals through our Block Zero course.

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Fight Inertia, Not Gravity

Dual-axis flywheel training in a stunning piece of hardware made right here at home. Tap image to Play Video.

The Kratos

work with a pro strength coach

Comprehensive full-service programming and management for goal-oriented strength athletes. tap image to watch video

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Rethinking the Barbell Paradigm

Kabuki Strength stands strongly on 4 pillars. We design, engineer, and manufacture novel, versatile, and space-conscious strength equipment that rapidly accommodates to the variability of the user, provide research-based education, coach the discipline of strength, and serve our community. 


The “What” and the “How” of a company are fairly easy to discern; the “Why” however, is another story. This is an incredibly profound question that helps us connect our values to our purpose. Click below for an introspective into our “Why”.


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Our mission is to make the world a better place through strength.


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